Not just recycled, but re-imagined. My art tells a story, using found objects that I carefully gather and assemble into unique hand-made pieces.

I love to take found treasures and create fanciful, fun items that I can share with others. I use materials that are sometimes discarded or deemed no longer useful. These items are often the most interesting. I especially love vintage and antique items because of their quality and character, and repurposing things from the past into something special for today. I also enjoy using items found in nature. These items carry the outside into your home and heart in a very special way. Whether you choose something for your own home or to give as a one-of-a-kind gift, I hope my creations bring a touch of whimsy and keep telling their story.

When I’m not making art in my studio, you can find me tending my garden or trying out new recipes. I live in Valley Center, CA with my husband, a flock of chickens, and three reclaimed dogs on our ranch-Granite Mountain Ranch.


*This vendor's items are not available for online purchase.