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Global Groove

Mango Boozik

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This stunning acoustic amplifier is hand turned from a solid piece of sustainably harvested mango wood (the mango fruit harvest is an important source of income for farmers in northern Thailand, therefore mango trees are planted yearly to replace harvested mango wood).

The opening measures 3.5 inches long but this tapers so it is 2.87 inches long at it's widest. The width of an iPhone 8 is 2.65" and the iPhone X is 2.79".
The width (depth of the opening) is 11/16 inches = 0.68".
The depth of an iPhone 8 and iPhone X is 0.3". 
It's bound to be a head turner for it's looks as well as for the significant improvement in sound quality and volume it provides for your iPhone.

Designed to look like it is impossibly balanced, the Mango Music amplifier is a practical, portable stand as well as beautiful addition to your living room or desk.


Made in Thailand