Specializing in all handmade, sustainably and ethically sourced goods, we are happy to bring you one-of-a-kind pieces made by one of our local artisans or Fair Trade Organizations. Every piece has a story and gives back by supporting a local artisan, good business and social practices, or  by supporting a nonprofit that practices fair and ethical business practices and gives back to the artisan's community.

CJ Gift Shoppe

We are honored to be able to provide a storefront for local artisans and to promote Fair Trade within our community. Thank you for helping us do our part in making the world a better place and shopping small at CJ Gift Shoppe.

Mark Your Calendars!

It's that time of year again! For more event info and to sign-up as a vendor, click the link below.

Ethical & Sustainable Shopping


It’s easier than you think to create change. While the U.S. represents 5% of the world’s population we consume 29% of the world’s resources. We are the largest consumer nation in the world. Imagine our impact when we shopped more consciously.

When you choose to purchase Fair Trade products, you are endorsing an economic system that provides opportunities for international farmers, artisans and workers to lift themselves out of poverty Fair Trade seeks to enable economic development through equitable trading partnerships. Fair Trade ensures consumers that the products they purchase were grown, harvested, crafted and traded in ways that improve lives and protect the environment.


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