Hoofs & Woofs Animal Rescue

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About this Vendor:

Hoofs and Woofs Animal Rescue is a not for profit 501 C 3 corporation dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of animals in need.  We started out as a horse rescue but soon found out that the need for kittens to be bottle fed and raised by hand was not being met by our local agencies.  The every two hour around the clock feeding of orphans is not everyone's idea of fun.  It has become of way of life for me and takes priority over everything else I am expected to do during the critical 2 week period for the infants.  Single kittens are usually taken wherever we go, but when you have 5 or 10, it's not feasible to leave the house for more than an hour.  This year I have had 45 total.   Sure makes the time fly by.  However cute and adorable the babies are, they need veterinary care and that gets expensive.  Newborn kitten care until adoption averages over $500.00.  That includes de-worm, vaccines, testing, spay or neuter, microchip, parasite control, food, litter training and most importantly gentle hands to teach trust.  Lap time and play time, interaction with other cats, people and sometimes dogs, nail trims and house manners are all part of the training.  
In order be able to continue this endeavor, we must raise funds.  Sewing, knitting, crocheting, crafting jewelry, sun-catchers and other items are some of the ways the volunteers and I are hoping to bring joy to the public and funding to the Rescue.  We hope to raise awareness of the help needed so the public can donate directly to us.
Many people donate to ASPCA or San Diego Humane, but not to locals who are doing the saving of the local animals.  We do take neonates from county shelter if they are at risk of euthanasia.  We also take livestock from the humane society.  
People love receiving gifts that help a cause dear to their hearts.  We theme our items to reflect mostly animals, but we do digress into areas like fishing, cars, planes, sewing and babies.  We try to provide warm, fuzzy feelings with every purchase. 
There are many ways to help us help the animals.  Thank you for caring.
Dorothea Boughdadly
Hoofs and Woofs Animal Rescue
Valley Center
714 609 0799 

Spring Maker's Market

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