Holiday Maker's Market

Holiday Maker's Market

It's that time of year again!

We're so excited to have another holiday season promoting local artisans and all things handmade! This year we decided to change the name of our annual Bazaar to Maker's Market since it's a much more fitting title. Since we require all participating vendors to handmade their products, it made more sense to change the name. We figured why not call it as it is, a maker's market!

We invite all local makers and artisans to join us at this year's Holiday Maker's Market to promote themselves and show off their amazing one-of-a-kind goods.

We are constantly amazed and in awe of all the different things our local makers are capable of. It is extraordinary the level of creativity that individuals possess and how they can create something beautiful and unique out of things that were once thrown away and discarded or had no purpose. Giving new life to something that once was seen as old or used up, is beautiful in itself.


Find more information and how to register for this event click HERE.

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