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Chayana Crescent Moon Mother of Pearl Chime - Small

Chayana Crescent Moon Mother of Pearl Chime - Small

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Our Chayana mother of pearl moon phase bell wind chime collection radiates with celestial energy. This petite, boho chic Indian bell chime features a shimmering crescent moon charm handcrafted with ethically sourced natural shell. The setting is refined and minimalistic with a soft gold finish. The authentic Indian bell is handcrafted with recycled metal in desert Kutch region. Artisans apply traditional bell craft techniques and tools to shape and tune each bell. The unique and exquisite song of the handmade bell perfectly complements the airy, ethereal design. The decorative bell and hoop setting are finished with powdered brass and copper for a soft and polished result. Complete with a sturdy jute hanging loop, this work of celestial art is ideal for use as an indoor chime and can be displayed outdoors under a covered patio. The natural iridescence of mother of pearl shell emanates the illuminating glow of the moon in the night sky. The moon is a magnificent beacon that transcends space and time, guiding and connecting us, serving as a powerful symbol across many cultures. The crescent moon is widely associated with the divine feminine and fertility. It is associated with new beginnings, hope, optimism, creativity, and manifestation. In some cultures the symbol is thought to signify love and fertility. This could make an ideal housewarming gift, fresh start gift, or gift to celebrate divine feminine energy. It is a meaningful piece for a wedding gift, celestial wedding decor, or bridal party gifts. It is an intentionally crafted, ethical gift for mom, gift for a yogi, dorm decor gift for a graduate, or gift for a friend or loved one entering a new chapter. Wherever it hang, may this celestial chime bring hope, optimism, and wonder!


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