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Cleo Tassel Half Moon Earrings

Cleo Tassel Half Moon Earrings

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Our Cleo earrings are handcrafted in Thailand by our artisan partners in the highlands to Chiang Mai. They come in fun, vibrant colors perfect for any outfit!

 * 3" Long, 2" Wide

* Made following Fair Trade guidelines

* Hook made from hypoallergenic brass

Drawing upon the master craft-making techniques that have been a part of their culture for generations, our artisans skillfully handcraft these beautiful pieces individually, combining contemporary designs with ancient traditions. This village industry provides families an opportunity to maintain the tradition of handcrafting while sharing an expression of their indigenous culture with the world. By respecting cultural tradition, creating a cooperative working atmosphere, and paying sustainable wages, these women and their families have become empowered with new skills and have an opportunity for economic stability.


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