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Palewa Massage Stones

Palewa Massage Stones

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Use this set of Palewa Massage Stones in your self‒care routine to release tension and decrease inflammation. Chilled stones are best for decreasing inflammation, while stones heated in warm‒hot water work well to release tension. Stones can also be used to massage deep into tight muscles. Palewa is a soapstone which retains heat well and has a high magnesium content; it is also naturally non‒porous, making it ideal for massage stones. These stones were hand‒carved and polished by makers of Agra Bazar in India, a workshop which ensures fair wages and safe working conditions for stone artisans.

  • Materials: Palewa Stone, cotton bag
  • 3"D each stone
  • Includes: Use and care instructions.
  • Handcrafted in India


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