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Thistle Farms

Thistle Farms - Pomegranate Lip Smoothie - Deep Hydration, Lanolin

Thistle Farms - Pomegranate Lip Smoothie - Deep Hydration, Lanolin

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Introducing our luxuriously hydrating Lip Smoothie, a delightful blend of gentle exfoliation and healing care. Enriched with nourishing shea for deep hydration and enhanced by the exfoliating touch of mica, this lip treatment offers a revitalizing alternative to traditional chapsticks. Key Features: 1. Sheer Non-Sticky Formula: Experience a feather-light, non-sticky texture that effortlessly glides on for a smooth and comfortable feel. 2. Lanolin Protection: Our formula includes lanolin to safeguard tender lips, providing an extra layer of care for a soft and supple pout. 3. .15 oz. Oval Tubes: Conveniently packaged in sleek oval tubes, each containing 0.15 ounces of this indulgent Lip Smoothie. Elevate your lip care routine with the perfect blend of hydration, exfoliation, and a subtle sheen.


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